About us

About Latin Affairs


Latin Affairs Corporation is the sole owner of www.latinaffairs.com.

The latinaffairs.com domain was first registered in 1999 and since its creation has specialized in connecting individuals from around the world.  LAC has successfully been providing a multi-language platform for people to communicate, meet and ultimately fall in love on, for more than 22 years. As a result, Latinaffairs.com is the 3rd oldest dating website in the world. LAC, was inherited by Mike Mertes upon his father’s passing in 2017 due to cancer.  Mike (President) and his executive team have re-launch Latinaffairs.com into a free ad supported dating platform, to continue his farthers dream, of people all over the world being able meet, communicate and be together.


Giving Back

One of our goals as an organization, as a way of giving back, is to setup our Spanish speaking support center in the Dominican Republic.  This center will have a policy of hiring single mothers, provide on premise daycare, and provide a living wage to these women that often have limited to no support structures or saving.

We also will be looking to setup our English and French support center in the Bay Roberts NL area, providing much needed employment locally.

            We will support organizations that work to help end youth homelessness within Canada and abroad through donations.