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Greetings from the states:

Like many of you, I've seen various sites offering to link you up with a local girl who (in my case) is American friendly.  Having gone through a very nasty divorce I was not sure what I am looking for but do know what I don't want!  Anyway,
I saw Dieter's site and thought I'd give it a shot and I traveled to Sosua on December 17th and returned on December 23rd.  The following are my unsolicited comments of my trip and items of possible interest to assist on your visit.

Day 1:  Arrived at the POP airport. After waiting for my bag  and paying my $10.00 tourist card fee, I wandered out the terminal and Dieter was there to meet me as promised.  We grabbed the taxi to the Hotel he uses for his Clients. The hotel is German owned and is a very nice facility.  All I wanted was hot water to shower and air conditioning if I so needed it.  The rooms have them as well as a personal room safe.  There is a nice pool and a great little restaurant as well.  The hotel is also "GF" (girlfriend) friendly and is centrally located.
After dropping my bags off in the room, Dieter and I chatted and then he departed to finish the initial introduction meeting preparations.  I unpacked and showered and then caught a ride on a motor concho ( a motor bike taxi) with a driver Dieter uses exclusively.  Made it to his home and began the first of 3 meetings.  All the girls I meet had great personalities and were great to talk with.
I hit it off with one in particular and we met later for dinner and had a nice time, though my Spanish is very, very basic.  She departed home and I took a walk around to get a lay of the land.  Felt very safe and issues.
Day 2:   The girl from dinner came by and we hit the beach and went through some of the shops.  Beach chair lounge rental is 35P (less than $1.00) and the beach is very nice and relaxing...closes up though following sundown. 
Had dinner again and seemed to get along well.

Day 3: meet girl #4.  A very nice time and went to Cabarete, about 15 minutes away from Sosua.  Had a very nice lunch at a German restaurant and then hung out at the beach there.  More commercialized but a great beach.  In the evening, the beach area is torch lit and you may dine out there or whatever you like.  Many clubs with music as well. She had to return to Santo Domingo and I was taken by girl #2 from Tuesday and Wednesday to her home near Sosua.  Very poor area and note that I have spent considerable time in countries with negative economies, war-torn strife, etc. as Haiti, Bosnia, Guatemala, Philippines, El Salvador, Mexico, etc. and though the Dominican's may be poor they are proud and very great hosts.  Just hard to understand dirt floors, minimal clothing and food resources yet there are color TV's and cd players.

Day 4: We rented a Car for a few Days and went to Santo Domingo with Dieter and met with girl #4 again.  Dieter went  shopping and I went to her home and meet her family and spent a few hours...again great hosts!!  She accompanied me to the embassy to see some friends and then I grabbed a bus back to Sosua.  Cost about $6.00; very comfortable seating, video's played, and very strong air conditioning. 
Time to Sousa about 4 1/2 hours.

Day 5: Just sort of chilled by myself at the beach and did some  shopping for my children. I had met some other locals and was invited to attend a Dominican wedding at a resort in Cabarete.  Of 300-350 guests, I was the only non-Dominican but again was treated most famously.  Enjoyed the experience.  Returned to Sosua and hit the High Caribbean disco.  Great music and very friendly girls, some are very aggressive. Just let your conscious be your guide.

Day 6: Road trip with Dieter to visit his hometown in La Vega and meet his children. 
A great time...again very great hosts.  We all traveled to Santiago and had lunch and I then was able to meet girl #5.  What a sweetie!!  We just hit it off and I'm returning late next month to spend a week and see about preparations to have her come to the states as well as meet the family members.  Hated to depart for Sosua.

Day 7: Slept in and finished shopping.  Girl #2 came by to see me off at the airport and I bade farewell to Dieter.  Taxi was about $10 and due to few folks departing out, I checked bags and had boarding passes in 10-15 minutes.  Hung out and chatted over a couple of "Presidente" beers.  Note:  beers outside the terminal are about $1.25 but once inside the jump to $3.00 so just enjoy the great weather outdoors and great people before departing. 

All the girls I meet were very nice and Dieter's insight on each was always on the mark.  The basic difference seems to be the majority of the Sosua girls have minimal employment experience while those in Santiago and Santo Domingo have a better education base and most have some form of employment experience.

Dieter is a great guy and has a unique sense of humor for a German!!  Note:  my relatives are full-bloodied Germans from the fatherland and Russia so I somewhat joke with Dieter.  However, he has lived in Canada and the Dom Rep for so long that he is more Caribbean than European.  I view him as an excellent father, which is all I needed to see, to have full confidence in him and his service. 

Additionally, his wife was Dominican who passed away due to an unexpected illness.  Dieter remains there and fully understands the Dominican culture as well as anyone can that is not originally a Dominican.  You can trust what Dieter relays to you and he will watch out for you as well as provide credible advice.  His service was well worth the dollar outlays.  Additionally, his personal care versus being one of a large group is very much appreciated and valued.

Items to possibly remember:

1.  Cash or traveler's checks work the same with either the hotel or Dieter.  He gives you the best rate in exchange so feel free to use him.  Also ATM's are fairly accessible.

2.  Bring some photo's from home of yourself, children (if you have any), where you live, etc.  It's a nice ice breaker with the girls.

3.  A dictionary in Spanish is also of some great use, as the girl's English is basically none.

4. You can barter at the beachfront stores and peddlers but regular stores and restaurants the prices are published and fixed...don't try and strike a bargain and embarrass the girl.

5.  Tipping is truly appreciated.  I left a small tip with the hotel front desk crew ($10 each x 2), the night security guard ($7.50), and the room maid ($10.00) for 6 nights.  At the restaurants a couple of dollars based on the total bill was always appreciated.

6.  Riding the motor concho's is safe but always ask the price before traveling out...especially at night, say to the High Caribbean disco.  There's a traditional taxi stand across from Harrison's jewelry, or the hotel will call one for you.

7.  Bring your camera. 1 hr photo developing available in stores near the beach. 
The girls appreciate having some photos. 

8.  If someone travels up to meet you, they may bring a friend or family member to serve as a chaperone.  Be prepared to offer to pay for a separate room during her/their stay.  Remember they do not know you yet and this is very routine until you are accepted.  Again don't be cheap but then again don't be taken in. 
Again, Dieter will be very willing to guide you.

9.  If you're looking just to get laid, this is not the service for you.  Though, opportunities in Sosua and Cabarete are many.  Dieter's clients are seeking something long-term...not to say that you will not connect physically as advice is just to let things happen naturally and you will have a great experience.

Lee from Virginia

Cliff   Lee   Kurt   Scott   Alex   Antonio  Robert  Jeff

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