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Robert's Story

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Hola, my name is Robert   When I landed at the airport, after clearing customs, paying $10.00 tourist card fee,
getting my passport stamped and picking up my luggage, Diego was waiting outside to pick me up. 
I flew into Puerto Plata (POP), so it was only a short 15 minute ride to Sosua.

   Diego took me to my hotel and dropped me off for the evening.  I stayed at a Hotel in Sosua Diego recommended and uses for all of his Visitors, very nice accommodations with air conditioning and the ladies who worked the bar were very nice too.  I really enjoyed my time their, the hotel is managed well and I had no problems during my stay.  There is another hotel in Sosua where I stayed a couple nights,, this was nice as well and both are very affordable ($70.00 per night).  Prior to my visit I made no prearrangements with any of the ladies on Latin Affairs website.  Instead, I relied on Diego introduction services to help find the women that was right for me.
  The next day, Diego and I went to Santiago.  While in Santiago we met up with Jose; he helps Diego with setting up introductions and finding ladies for his website.  They introduced me to Nathaly 259, Yariza 205, Glennis 291, and Marilu 305, just to name a few.  However, I met many more ladies.  Anyway, after meeting about a dozen ladies in Santiago I decided Marilu was the one that I had more in common with and asked here to come to Sosua the next weekend.  She agreed and I gave her some money for bus fare, about 300 pesos for her and her children to come visit me.  That Saturday, I picked up Marilu at the bus stop (Caribe Tours) in Sosua, too my surprise she did not bring her kids.  
  We had a great time getting to know each other, went to dinner that evening and to the beach the next day.  Marilu does not speak any English and well, I speak very little Spanish. So, our conversations were very slow and short at first.  But, with the help of my Spanish/English dictionary, electronic translator and my computer with "Instant Immersion Translator Deluxe" software, we were able to communicate on almost any topic.  I had a great time with Marilu, her visit was short (24 hours) because she needed to get back to work on Monday.  I couldn't wait to see her again.  Tuesday, Diego was going back to Santiago, so I caught a ride with him.  I spent two more days in Santiago; during the day (While Marilu was at work) I toured the city with Jose, I met Marilu's parents and nine brothers and sisters (good family) and spent two wonderful engaging evenings with her. To get around the city of Santiago most people use the "Caro Publico", that is a taxi service that usually drives a standard route through town, stopping along the way to pick up and drop off passengers, the car is usually full of people and don't be surprised if some "Dominican Senorita" has to sit in your lap along the way  
  Around Sunday, I was starting to miss Marilu again. I picked up Marilu from the bus stop in Sosua again.  She was able to get one week of vacation time to come see me.  It was great to be able to spend more time with her.  We spent the next four days shopping, going to the beach and getting to know each other better.  The bill for dinner that night was around 1000 pesos with drinks.  She is a wonderful, attentive, honest, caring and affectionate women;  most Dominican women are.  Thursday Marilu went back to to be with her family and two daughters, before she left we made plans for the following day.  The next day I returned to Santiago and this time she was waiting for me at the bus terminal.  The bus fare from Sosua to Santiago was only 80 pesos or $2.85 US; not much for a two hour air conditioned bus ride.  We hung out with here family for a few hours before me, Marilu and her two daughters left for Santo Domingo to see her sister  
  The bus ride (Metro Tours) was only about two and half hours, I think I paid about 800 pesos, round trip, for the four of us.  The city of Santo Domingo is much larger than any of the other cities in the Dominican Republic and is a beautiful city with modern infrastructure and buildings.  We arrived late and only stayed one day.  Saturday we took the kids to the beach, living so far from the beach, this was a real treat for the kids.  The beaches near Boca Chica are only about a 30 minute drive from Santo Domingo past Las Americas Airport.  The beaches were nice, the women were hot and the beer was cold. I had fun, but it was time to head back to Florida.  If you are considering the DR for your next vacation or destination in search for that someone special, you can't go wrong here in the DR.   

Cliff   Lee   Kurt   Scott   Alex   Antonio  Robert  Jeff

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