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I want to thank Diego and Latin Affairs for helping me find the love of my life.
Diego took time to meet with me while I was visiting the D.R. which was greatly appreciated. The advise that you gave me when searching for a Dominican woman helped me tremendously.

I proposed to Mi Amore January 25, 2015 and we are currently waiting to her back from USCIS in regards to our K-! fiancé Visa which I applied for in December 2014.
Diego without you and your staffs help I don't think I would have found true love.

God Bless you and your family, from Deangalo and Yokaris 


Hello Diego

I am pleased to announce that Wilfida and I (Mark) are engaged. I met Wilfida two years ago at the last singles event in Santiago.
Since that time Wilfida has visited me in Bermuda and I have traveled several times to the Dominican Republic to spend time with her.

I would like to thank you for hosting the 2012 singles event and helping me to meet my future wife. 


meet dominican women for marriage Dear Diego,

I like to thank you for this website you created and say to you; seeing is believing.
Like everyone else I'm sure, I had doubts. I met someone very special
on your site who I will be spending the rest of my life with.
We are very excited to be moving forward in our lives together
as we just got engaged to be married.
To anyone who is hesitant about this site, don't think twice,
this site has changed my life.

Thank you Diego and your friendly staff.

Juana from Santiago and Detlev from Germany got married.

Congratulations and all the best from
all of us at Latin Affairs

Hello everyone,
You are probably reading this because you are tired of the runaround with American women. Perhaps you are tired of the competition from men to find the woman of your dreams. Maybe you are tired of being alone and truly want a woman to share your life.  You want to find a great woman---attractive, no attitude, younger, affectionate, kind, and loving woman.  After all you deserve it. Right? Maybe you are just curious. Whatever the reason, think about visiting Latin Affairs.  Diego and his staff are affable, helpful, and can even translate for you if you do not speak Spanish ( i.e. free personal translators provided free of charge at all socials). Best of all , he or his staff personally have met the ladies and photographed them.  It takes the guess work out of meeting these lovely ladies and not knowing anything about them.

Where can anyone personally meet 250-300 ladies in two days?  I used his agency and finally met a lovely lady who I want to spend my life with.  She is beautiful, young, intelligent, hard worker, and sweet.  I highly recommend his agency. If you want you can feel free to contact me. Just ask Diego how to contact me.

In August 2012, I visited Nagua along the coast with Diego and another of his clients. We had a scenic ride along the coast in Diego's car. While there we visited several ladies from the agency. We even had few hours at a beach with these ladies before returning to Santiago.

Lastly, speak to Diego or visit his website and see the women for yourself.  Sure there are other web sites that promise you many things.  Those sites have many scammers and often the photos are fakes. I know because I have been there and got no results. The women on Diego's web site are real. Once you join you are able to contact the ladies yourself or have the agency help you contact them. Or you can join the event and attend the four socials in two days.  A Chinese proverb say that a journey of a thousand miles begin with a single step. So what are you waiting for? So get up from the couch and off your butt and take a trip to the Dominican Republic. The experience will change your life forever. You do not need to dream any more. Perhaps you will find many of the treasures here--a wonderful wife. 

Signed,  AJ  Grauf


beautiful dominican republic women

I want to thank you guys, I met my wife on your site in October 2008 and met her in person in November 2008 I continued to visit her from 2009 to 2011 and married her in October 2011.

We started the paper work for immigration for our marriage. I want to thank you and your site for making my dream come true.

Joe got married last year but only send me this picture
a few days ago




Luz from Santiago and Ruben from Switzerland
got married Ruben says...Hello Diego, thanks to your website I found my wife.......dank eurer hompage habe ich meine traumfrau gefunden


Hello Diego,

This is Will B. I visited Santiago last June (2011). Jerry & his wife Mercedes took wonderful care of me during my stay by making me feel welcome and right at home in a strange city. Having been to the Dominican Republic before I was already familiar with the beauty, warmth, and sensuality of the women there. But unfortunately I wasn’t meeting any women that I wanted to actually have a relationship with. Then I found the Latin Affairs website.

During my stay last June I was fortunate enough to meet three very beautiful and charming young women either of whom will surely make wonderful girlfriends/wives for some lucky guy in the near future. However one young lady in particular really stood out to me not solely because of her looks though she is beautiful, but because of the instant chemistry/attraction that was there despite not being able to verbally communicate with one another very well while on our two dates.

Though I am nowise an old man I’m not a young kid either. Having been married before to someone who at the end of our marriage admitted that she loved me but was never “in love” with me had made it difficult for me to open up and to trust in the idea of “being in love” again. That’s why at this juncture in my life chemistry and mutual attraction is paramount. I want someone to be “in love” with me the way that I will be “in love” with them.

The young lady that I speak of is Paola. We’ve been in constant communication ever since and we’re very much “in love.” It is with great pleasure that I am informing you that Paola and I are getting married in Santiago on Saturday, July 21, 2012.  I would be honored if you could attend. Please also inform Jerry and Mercedes that I would be delighted to see them there as well.
Feel free to share excerpts of or this entire letter on your website as a testimony to any guy out there who’s seeks a woman of beauty, intelligence, loyalty, faithfulness, and most of all love! Look no further than the Dominican Republic and in particular the folks at Latin Affairs!

I would like to thank Diego and his team. Before I went to the D.R. event I was trying to get a crash course in dating, what better than 3 days of meeting Chicas? The first day was outstanding, I found myself doing Med/History on the girls and thank god the translator asked what’s up Doc these girls are looking for a mate not a Doctor.
She informed me "we are not human beings having spiritual experiences, we are spiritual beings having human experiences.

Well to say that is what I needed to hear. Without any question. I turned on the charm and meet many many chicas. Then on Saturday about 10:30A.M.
I saw Miguel at the door with a 10 plus D.R. female as I was looking at the very good looking Chica in front of me, Miguel starts walking toward the middle of the event room, holding her hand I thought it was his wife or girl friend.
He gets to me and states Joe I want you to meet this Women, he takes her hand and gives her hand to me. We just stared at each other, for hell I think 5 to 10 minutes
Her name is Adelaida. Say the least  I am going back down to the D.R. May 16th.
I will leave with a thought for reads with a Dr.Jung thinking "Possibilities and Miracles are one and same ," So if thinking of going  to next Event in September then go.

Doc Joe


Hello Miguel,
I am writing this letter to express my thanks to you, Diego and Latin Affairs.  Recently, I used your introduction service
to meet three ladies and your Sunday afternoon barbecue to meet several more ladies

I have been a member of the Latin Affairs website for a while and I attended your event in Santiago in April 2009.  For me, the introductions and barbecue was less intimidating and much more enjoyable.  Also, the ladies seemed to enjoy the very casual event.

You did a professional job of arranging the introductions for a Saturday afternoon.  Even after your best efforts, all of the girls showed at the same time.  All worked out well.  With you help translating, I was able to communicate with the ladies that I had selected.

The Sunday afternoon barbecue was very organized and well done.  The food was excellent.  There was a lot of food: ribs, chicken, pork chops, salad, potato salad, a very special cake for the event and, of course, a lot of Presidentes.

beautiful latina women
Miguel and his BBQ

Dear Diego,
Thanks to you and your staff for the greatest experience of my life. I want to thank you for the continued corresponding for many months, and a special thanks to Miguel who showed great hospitality on the 5 day tour.
The site is correct when it says 5 days will change your life forever, and 5 Days of Heaven, it sure changed my life forever. Thanks to Miguel expertise in matching my personality with Ysaura personality. It was a great match from day one. Thank you all for your loyalty, support, and kindness; and I even got a chance to meet Rocky, Miguel's puppy, and even he was happy to see me.
I had a date every day of the week on my 5 day romance tour, and Miguel was there to translate. It was great. I even bought each one of the girls a small gift and they really loved them. Just a simple gesture goes a long way. Every woman needs to be showered and loved. The difference though is when these girls and showered, they really appreciate it. Just the look on their faces means a lot to me. There are so many lovely ladies to choose from, so for me it came down to personality. The only regret I have is that I didn’t take a tour when I first heard of Latin Affairs 2 years earlier

Well I arrive last weekend, Nov 4-7 to propose to Ysaura, but things didn't go as plan. I had planned on popping the question at Camp David restaurant over looking the city. The president was in town campaigning, and he and his entourage stayed at my hotel. The traffic was very heavy in the city due to the parades, and party’s for the president. That didn’t stop me though, I popped the question right there in my hotel room. I made a photo album for her and the last few pages I ask her “will you marry me” in 9 different languages. She and I only understood the last 2 entries written in English and Spanish. It was great, and she said yes. So now I am the Happiest man in Atlanta, Georgia. We haven't set a definitely date yet, but we are looking at May, or June. I spent the entire weekend with Ysaura and her family. I got a chance to get to know the kids better, and her mom really enjoyed cooking for me. So guess what, I am in love with Dominican Cuisine. Once again thanks for everything, and I encourage anyone wanting a Nice, Beautiful, and Sincere Woman to please take a flight to the Dominican Republic and leave the work to the experts; THE LATIN AFFAIRS STAFF.
And one more thing, I want you all to come to the wedding, I wouldn't have it any other way.
Sincerly, Tonnie C.

Hey Diego.
I cannot say enough about my tour with Latin Affairs. I don’t know if you folks treat everyone like me or if I just lucked out somehow but there is no other service that even comes close to comparison.

I have been a member of most of the international marriage broker sites and probably most of the national internet dating services at one time or another. I had belonged to several brick and mortar matchmaker services through the years and even tried the local newspaper ads years ago

From the very start of my tour, I felt like I had siblings that had been living in the Dominican Republic for many years. They showed me what life was like, how to survive, and they introduced me to several single women they had met and thought I might like. I was not restricted in any way or forced into anything like siblings can do sometimes but I did feel like they were looking out for me. It is good to have someone who knows you and what you like and gives you that feeling of security at the same time.

I had expected to be introduced to a few women and I think most services do just that. The problem with most services is that is where the service ends. What I received was so much better. I was introduced to the country, its culture, its markets, several very nice women, a couple of their families, and much much more.

Miguel even made a pizza/dinner party at his home one night so I might become better acquainted with Yara and her son. None of the other services would even think about something like that. I honestly felt like I was a member of the family and Miguel just happened to be one of those old-fashioned matchmaker’s.

I will without a doubt be back down to visit Yara soon. I don’t know if it was
the matchmaker’s magic or what but for two people who could not communicate through language, we sure hit it off good. I need to burry myself in a Spanish language course before I come back though. I have got to be able to speak the language and understand what people are saying.
white men dating black women
dating advice If I were going to change anything about Latin Affairs,
it would be the category from International Marriage Broker to
International Family Broker. I know it does not exist.
Or, maybe like the guy in the commercials who changes the cereal name from
Fiber One to Fiber None I can change Latin Affairs to Latin Family Affairs.
Just kidding, I would not change a thing. I think you guys are great.

I will be telling every single guy I meet how good Latin Affairs is to its
customers. If you guys want, I would gladly put one of those fold up
sun shield advertisement things in my car windows. I might even
be able to be talked into putting those magnet advertisement things on
my work van since I am not using it for work and it is just sitting there
like a blank bulletin board. If there is anything I can do to help, please just
give a yell.

Gratefully yours,
Keith from Philadelphia

Keith and Yara got married on March 3/2012.

I am writing this personal endorsement of Latin in love because to my surprise it was an excellent experience. I have tried several foreign dating services in the past and several offer web-sites with extensive data bases of women's photographs, calendars, cds, addresses and telephone numbers.
You usually find it difficult to actually contact the women even if you travel to their local country of origin. If you ever receive letters from the women they send pictures which don't resemble their internet photos. If meetings are arranged in the local country the women your interested in are never located or available.
I worked with Latin's in Love for approximately five to six months identified three-five local women near their office in santiago and traveled to meet them. The local office was able to successfully contact three young ladies and arranged meeting with them.
The translation services and meetings where very successful and it was a very pleasant experience. The women where more beautiful in person then their photographs. It was also very pleasant that the Dominican Republic is very safe country which provides a high exchange rate to the American dollar. I enjoyed ATV vehicle rental rides, catamaran sailing, horseback riding and several trips to the beach in near by Playa Dorado and Sosua.

Of course the best thing about the trip and service is the excellent selection of beautiful young women who seem to find older foreign men desirable. The young ladies seem very sincere and not green card chasers. They also in many cases seem very willing to learn English or others languages which foreigners can acquire for them very inexpensively.

I highly recommend the service to a foreign male who is sincerely interested in meeting and marrying an attractive younger women.

Allen G Washington, D.C.

To Diego

I just wanted to say thanks for everything in helping me find my wife and my future. I must say that when I first spoke to Diego that I did not have a lot of faith in this type of system, but I was willing to give it a try.
Diego and Jerry were very helpful in the beginning and were always there for me. As a mater of fact I was the first person signed to the new and much improved web sight. Diego told me that he was going to help me and he was there no matter how many times I called him. I know that sometimes I was a pain in the ass, but he never made me feel anything less that his first priority. And as for Diego what can I say, words are not good enough for him. My journey was not totally smooth I had some bumps in the road but everyone at Latin Affairs was always there for me. I purchased some addresses from the sight and spoke to a few women but nothing came of it and I started to loose faith. So one day while talking to Diego he said “I have a girl for you and this one will be your wife” the next thing that I asked him was is she pretty and Diego said that the pictures on the web site do her no justice. So on Diego’s word I took the young lady’s number but because of failures in the past I did not call her right away, I waited for one day.
When I called her it was different I could actually feel something through the phone lines, I did not know what it was but it felt good. The first time we talked it was for about 30 minutes, later that night we talked for more that 2 hours. To make along story short from that day on we never missed a day talking that started on April and in June we were married. I want to thank everyone at Latin Affairs for everything. I must ad that when I went down to get married that I ran into some problems and from the other side of the island Diego was able to advise me and to help with whatever I needed. I never felt alone for one moment. Even after I found my beautiful wife they were still there for me and that to me I priceless.
Paul B


Hi Diego what a pleasant surprise to come home to see photos of one of the most beautiful women I've ever known.  Yep, she get that point across very well to me, and my Spanish isn't that good!  If you got that message as well, then that's the way it is. When I told her one could meet up to 30 ladies on the Into tour, she about had a bird (very colloquial hippy 60's saying), and pressed me hard on that point, but this is  something in a woman that I am looking for her being up front and forward with her feelings.  And you know, after talking with her etc, I wouldn't want her following up on any other men either until we knew if we were right or not for each other - I already feel slightly attached to her. 
She speaks very calmly and keep my hyperactive old self calm also.  Now the problem is, I have a hard time saying that I have found another, so I have to figure how to say that to Carman.  She asked me to ask you to show her photos of me with my entire body and more about my goals before making any decisions', but the more I spoke to her today on the phone, the more I knew she is not yet mature enough, unlike Jackie who is 22 going on 35yrs old mentally, for me to work as partners in live and not like father and daughter. 
Now, for your advice, do you think I should call Carman and tell her I found another I am more interested in, not call her at all, or ask you to tell her the news? Today, I called Jackie's house before I went to work just to leave a message that I was thinking of her, even though she, being as organized as she is,  had already questioned me on my schedule and knew to tell me to call on Saturday when she would be home knowing I would be working this afternoon and into the night.  Diego, I now know why your title is "Matchmaker". What ever it is, voodoo or some supreme spiritual force, I believe you are a natural at this kind of work.  What a happy man Diego must of been to discover this talent that fits so well into Latin Affairs!  It is just some God giving talent you have been blessed with; a knowing insight into who is right for who. Well next week I be in Puerto Plata and will be figuring out how to see her.  I will talk to her tomorrow on how to set up the rendezvous.  Thanks for all you've done and I hope it is a success for you as well as for Jackie and me. 
Dave B

Hello Diego , I hope all is well. I apologize for not following up with you in a timely fashion. I have
spent every moment possible with Keyla's family inSantiago. I have been traveling back and forth since
last Thursday with the help of a good friend who is Dominican (lived and worked in New York City) for many
years. He now resides in the in Cabarete. He has been a a great help in driving me around and translating
when necessary.
Currently I have met 1/4 of her family and more to go. I have arranged for the next couple of days for her to
stay in a suite next to the beach in Cabarete. Where we can spend some quality time.  We have been out on
several dates together. Sometimes alone and sometimes with her close girl friend in her community and her
sister. My Spanish is getting a little better. Ten new words a day.

I never thought that dreams become true in the Dominican Republic. Thank you so much for all your
assistance. Please let's get together before I leave on Saturday. A Presidente is on me. :)

Sean A

My name is Dean, and I would like to share my experience with any men out there who are wondering if latinas in love is genuine and the girls are as good as they look on the website. My answer to you is: YES!
I selected a young woman named Yuverkys out of hundreds of choices. and gave her a ring while staying with her and her family, in Santiago this past January. She is a simple, and beautiful person. We are now in the process of
getting a fiancé visa so she can come to the United States.
I joined the site in October, and quickly narrowed my choices to 10 girls. but in my long distance telephone conversations, one girl seemed to shine more than the others, from her heart to mine.
I soon made a risky choice to go see her and her alone, and it turned out to be a wonderful experience. I met her family, and got to know much about her in the short week. I asked her to marry me before I departed for the united states. Yuverkys is a beautiful person. Just the kind of wife I want to have. Thank you, latinasinlove. Good luck to all of you!

Dean S

international dating



Thank you for your wonderful service.  I’m sitting at the airport in Santo Domingo after having spent 10 very beautiful days in the Dominican Republic
It is important for me to comment on a few things.  As a business man, I always appreciate it when someone tells me about my employees.  I wanted you to know that I would never have come to the Dominican Republic if it hadn’t been for the encouragement of Diego “The Match Maker”.  And after she convinced me that coming down was the right thing, she also encouraged me to come for a 10 day tour; coming for a much shorter time was my natural inclination.  He was so right on both of these things.
My trip was wonderful because of the many extra things that Miguel did for me.  I can’t image my trip having worked out to be so meaningful without his involvement and assistance.
Miguel and I only started talking, one week before I was coming down, but he was such an incredible host.  He picked me up at the airport and stayed with me every stage of the way.  It was truly incredible.  I told him that I wanted him to bring a girl to meet me at the airport and that I wanted to have continuous companionship.  He told me he would try, and he did.  I had a date for me every night because I told him I wanted to go dancing every night.  It was unbelievable, but we did just that, except on my last night, I was so exhausted to do anything more; I fell asleep about 10pm and never made it to the disco.  This trip changed my life; to say it was a very fulfilling trip is such an understatement.
Since I don’t speak Spanish it would have been a disastrous trip for me without Miguel’s constant assistance.  His constant concern for my welfare and happiness made all the difference in the world and I would say that with every eventuation, he did great.  Three times, girls stood me up.  Once, the person just never showed up; twice ladies cancelled at the last minute.  Without a moment’s hesitation, Miguel found me someone else.  It was actually quite miraculous.  He is a magic man.
I found the women that I’ve met in DR to be, warm, sincere, serious about having a real relationship, and of course, beautiful.  Of the five women I had pre-selected to meet, two I actually did meet and spend time with.  I liked them both very much and plan on seeing them again when I come back next month.
Meeting Diego (the man who started and visiting with him in his home was an added benefit.  I found him to be a very straight forward and sincere man.  He gave me tremendously practical advice and met the lady I brought from the south. We shared a delightful dinner together at a local restaurant; and under some last minute difficulties, he was able to make arrangements for us at a hotel, where we spend two nights on my trip.  We had a great time.  I was so very fortunate to have Miguel travel with me from the south and help with all of the arrangements for my time in the north.  His girlfriend came with us and she made the perfect companion for my lady friend.  It was an unbelievable adventure.  This experience was the most fun I have ever had, and really the best time of my life.
I never drank so many beers, laughed so much, or danced so long in my life; it was really great.  I haven’t found a wife yet but I plan to return again next month and continue developing a dating relationship with my two favorite ladies; one of them may be my new wife.  I hope so.  If not, there are several other beautiful ladies that would be very nice to get to know.  
I’m very glad I came and I will recommend to all of my friends. I will start studying Spanish this week and plan on returning very soon.  Once again, it was only possible for me to have such life altering experience in the Dominican Republic because of the wonderful people working for, Miguel and Diego.  Thank you ever so much.
Another Satisfied Customer,
Bob M


Hello Guys!
I would like commend you for such an awesome service that you provide. Because of your site I was able to find someone and I know without a question of doubt I would like to spend the rest of my life with her.   And by the way, my phone has been blowing up with text messages in broken English since I've been back in the states.  I think she feels the same way I do.
From my first 3 way call with Miguel and the many other calls in between he has translated and I he has been great and it was good to finally meet him in person.  To (Diego), thanks for giving me the heads up about the culture there and the words of advice while I was there about those that have tried to come but failed or she saw right through them.  Your words to me over there and over the phone were you have small room for error when dealing with this beautiful lady and I will never forget that.  The taxi driver that you guys referred to me has now become like a little brother and when I decide to ask her to marry me he will be my best man; and yes I did say marry because that is how strongly I feel about her.  The 3 months I spent chatting with her over the phone and sending her roses made our greeting in person more personal so guys do your leg work before you get there with that special someone and I promise you won't regret it.
Now to the soft spoken German( Diego), thanks for understanding my situation but still allowing me the chance to be somewhat part of the event. I knew before I got there that there was no other women that I wanted to see or meet beside Diego and your words to me were to go spend time with her and take her shopping and have a good time. I had to beg her to allow me to take her shopping. I witnessed first hand how poor her and her family are and I must admit it broke my heart to see her living conditions but that will change soon.  I know she is a humble, spiritual women with a kind heart and God has put me in her life for a reason and I will never take that for granted. I will be back in 2 months and we will spend time together.  I will tell every man I know that is searching for true love about your service and I hope that they find what I did; a hidden jewel.
If anyone is not sure about this site feel free to contact me at



My Latin Affair Experience!!! From a person that had traveled to the Dominican Republic many times, never could I have imagined what was in store for me!

One early morning, I sat staring at, thinking “Is this for real?  Do they REALLY know these women?  Is there REALLY someone behind the photos?” I pondered my thoughts and decided “What the hell, I’ve thrown away money on things far less important than finding the woman of my dreams.”  So I sent an email and got a response immediately.  I was impressed already!  I spoke with a nice lady that walked me through the process.
Then came time to select the ladies I wanted to meet.  This was the hardest part because there were so many attractive ladies.  I felt like a lady in a shoe store (too many choices).  However, knowing it was a hard job but someone had to do it, I proceeded and picked my 5-10 ladies.  I made my plane reservations and was on my way.
I arrived almost 10:30pm on a rainy night to see a smiling face (Jerry, the Representative in Santiago) waiting for me.  I felt welcomed and comfortable right from the start.  We went to the hotel and he walked me through the next phase of the process…..meeting the ladies.  Since I had never done such a thing before, I was naturally very nervous but Jerry did all he could do to ease my worries and make me felt relaxed.  I ended up making a decision after meeting at least three ladies.  Honestly, if I met more, I felt it was a good chance I would never make it back to the airport.
The ladies were polite, well mannered and all looked out for me as we ventured out to have lunch and a few drinks.  I found that I was spending most of my time looking at my watch because I didn’t want the day to end.  I got a chance to also meet Diego (great guy) and met a few other associated with the company; all are a great bunch of people that welcomed me as if I was family.
I returned to the United States and continued to keep in touch with a few of the ladies and the employees I met.  About a month later, I made my decision on which lady I wished to continue seeing.  We dated for about a year, with me coming to visit about 5 times during that time frame and I eventually moved to the Dominican Republic to live with her.
I hear so any stories about the ladies here are just looking for money and while I know I’ve found a special lady, I know she is not the only special lady out there; there are many.  To give you an idea of the person she is, I bought her a ring for engagement and while showering the ring slipped off her finger and went down the drain.  I know this ring was special to her and boy was it special to me (paid a lot of money), but she told me, “I know you can’t run out and buy another one.  What’s most important is that we have each other.  The ring just lets others know we’re married but I don’t need a ring or a piece of paper to define us!”
I felt flattered and my pockets felt happy to hear that.  I speak fluent Spanish and have a good deal of knowledge about the country and still looked to Latin Affairs to help me in my search for that special someone.  I now have a beautiful wife 20 years younger than me that gives me about 100 reasons to feel younger.  She has enjoyed the days of driving around with me in rental cars and has been right by my side on the days we’ve spent walking through the barrios with groceries.  These women simply want someone they can call ‘theirs’ and someone that will be there for them through thick and thin!  Lord knows we’ve shared our ups and downs but the love has never changed.
We can now look back on the shabby apartment we once had to where we’ve moved to and what we have now.  It would not have been possible if we weren’t working together and it would not have been possible had it not been for Latin Affairs.  There’s no way I could have ever found her in Santiago without Latin Affairs.  I would say beer for everyone on the house but I earn pesos so I’ll just say “Thank you Latin Affairs!” 

Mr Diego,

Thanks to your site, I have met a very nice lady,

Together we decided to ask you to close her account (13155) on the latinasinlove page.
Ana no longer want her pictures and phone numbers
to be displayed.

We are going to make the best of our relation.

Peter and Ana


I just returned from my trip to the Dominican Republic. I had the pleasure of meeting two extremely nice ladies and Diego from Latin Affairs.  I had corresponded with Diego via email on many occasions and was really looking forward to meeting him. I arrived in Santo Domingo on a Tuesday and Diego, even though he was in Santiago, told me that if I needed anything or encountered any problems to give him a call. My plan was to spend 4 days in Santo Domingo, 4 days in Santiago and 2 days on the north coast. I am thinking of relocating to the Dominican Republic and wanted to see different areas as well as meet some ladies. 
I met a wonderful woman in Santo Domingo through Latin Affairs. She was more beautiful than her photos. We spent 3 days together. She had a great personality and exceptional character.  This was an impressive young woman and we are still in contact. During my time in Santo Domingo I called Diego several times with questions and his help was invaluable regardless of topic. I was supposed to travel to Santiago on Saturday but decided to leave Santo Domingo on Friday instead. I informed Diego of my change of plans and he was very flexible.
I arrived late in the afternoon and checked into my hotel and called Diego. An hour later I finally met him in person in the lobby. Great guy and does all he can to assist. We had a drink and talked until I had to prepare for a dinner meeting. The lady I met in Santiago was very beautiful. She also was a woman of excellent character and very kind. I was very grateful for an invitation to eat lunch in her house with Diego and his wife. The food and the company were outstanding.
Diego had arranged for me to meet a realtor to look at apartments for rent. This was only one example of many where Diego went out of his way to make certain my trip was successful.  I spent two days in Cofresi after leaving Santiago. It was a great family owned hotel right on the beach.  Once again my thanks to Diego for the recommendation. I have no family in the Dominican Republic, speak very limited Spanish and the only person I knew there was Diego, yet I had a great trip. The ladies were wonderful and the country beautiful. Getting around the country is very easy and I am already looking forward to another trip when possible.
Learn as much Spanish as you can and you will have a more rewarding trip.
My thanks to Diego and Latin Affairs.

Hello Diego, how are you doing? It's been a long time since I last spoke with you. I hope that all is well with you and the family. I have been very busy preparing for Milagros to come to New York. The embassy has been very slow in setting up her appointment with the consulate. She is going to have an interview in March so I am trying to come down to Santo Domingo to attend. The K 1 has been long but interesting process. How are things with Latin Affairs, fine I hope. Also, how is everything going with the new place? I have told a lot of friends about Latin Affairs and the personal and professional services provided. There were very many people at the job that asked me about my trip to D.R. Anyway, I want to think you again for your help and great insight in helping me to find my futura esposa. I am trying to get a vacation for March, so I will try to come over to Sosua.
Best Wishes

Dear Diego,
Just a brief note of gratitude for everything that you have done for me while visiting the Dominican Republic recently.
I have always been one who likes to be face to face when meeting people, especially women.   Therefore I decided to visit directly and found your web site to be the best site for Dominican women.
I have been to several other countries and visited several other agencies thus I am able to compare the services rendered with each.  I can honestly say that the total desire to satisfy my concerns from the moment you met me at the airport to the moment you dropped me back there were unparalleled in my experience.  There is no comparison.  Your full intention to handle every question as well as bring me here and there for various reasons, from my interest in Dominican Real Estate to the bankers and lawyers involved,  as well as of course introducing me to some of the most beautiful women I have ever met and acting as translator has been an unforgettable time.
In fact I have met through you someone quite beautiful and special and am looking forward to an evolving romance.   You and your family were also very kind and giving my entire stay. 
In my opinion, if someone is seeking a Latina or Latin woman, there is but one place to call and only one person and agency  that will give you the absolute best time for your money and likely find that special person for you  and that is Latin Affairs with Mr. Diego. 
If anyone has any specific questions regarding the agency please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be happy to answer.
Sincerely, Dan H

Dear Diego,
Finally, after almost a year of using your service and corresponding with some of the most incredible ladies I have ever gotten to know, I am writing in regards of my pending visit to Sosua. I have decided to come either there in November and or March.  I would like to know if your service covers ladies that are no longer in your photo database anymore. Can those ladies still be covered under your introduction service? The two ladies that I am speaking of, their addresses are still in your Dominican Membership database, but their photos are not on the actual website.
I signed up for your Dominican service in November 2002 and out of the 22 Dominican ladies I have gotten to know, within the past 11 months, I have narrowed my selection to 3 that I want to meet and two of these ladies I really could consider marrying right now!!!!  They are that special. My visit will determine who is emotionally compatible with me in PERSON and if I am emotionally compatible with them in PERSON. (Most Dominican ladies don't have a problem showing and expressing their emotions…they are incredibly sweet, honest and compassionate).
In my experience with your service, the access to communication was significant factor in this decision of who will be my soul mate. Receiving letters was great but the day-to-day communication by computer made things easier and created more of a bond with the lady. Knowing that she made the effort to be at the computer at a certain time and paying for to service to communicate made me feel very special and important.
Emails went a long way instead of the postal mail, which in the Dominican takes forever. Some weeks I waited almost a month to receive a response. Experiencing how someone communicates with you on the spot using a computer or a phone, offers valuable clues in determining someone's' interest in you.  The emails, web cams, phone calls and letters mixed all together made this one of the most incredible experiences in my life. I have a difficult decision to make, because unfortunately in this process, I am going to hurt a special friend who knows my heart, my life and my ways.
When I visit Sosua and make my decision on who I plan to become engaged to, it will be a dream come true. I have waited so long in my life to find a lady worth investing my loyalties to. Now, I have the choice to determine who that lady is instead of settling for someone convenient here in the USA. I thank you sir and your service. You created this opportunity for me to find happiness and I am truly thankful to you. During my visit to Sosua. I am planning to spend 8 days in paradise to get to know these ladies to see which one of them is the "ONE".
I have been asked by a many of the ladies to remove myself from your site (when I get married I will remove myself, until that day, I like the correspondence and attention.) Honestly, I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings until I speak with them face to face about my intentions. Thanks.

I visited your site and loved it.  I am a huge fan of the Dominican and the wonderful people there.  In fact I fell deeply in love there with a wonderful Dominican Man.  I am going back again in Jan, 04.  I can't wait!
It is such a beautiful place.  My favorite is Punta Cana.  I have visited
Santa Domingo, Yamasa, and Higuey.  I can't wait to see the friends I made
there or my Carlos either.  Great Job on the site....It touched my heart.
Miguelle from Wisconsin

Hello Diego

Well I am finally back in Canada. And am now getting done to  my testimonial. First I would like to say i have traveled many places around the world including Hong Kong and other Asian countries.  I have also been to the Caribbean islands and Cuba numerous times. I guess i could say i was used to these types of trips and for good and bad I knew pretty much what to expect.
What i did not expect was this.

My Story: June 16/03  Puerto Plata Airport 10:00 am.
I arrive to beautiful weather a little cloud cover and good breeze so it was not to hot. Well it took me not to long to realize i have already made my first mistake  in the dominican republic. I forgot to inform Diego that my flight was coming an hour earlier then I first thought. But after a short call  he was over to get me. I was surprised at how fast he got there and knew right then this guy looks after his clients.

 On the ride to the hotel Diego was most helpful with local information and even when i thought i knew better he would try and convince me other wise. The knowledge he shared with me about so many things i was curious about, was most helpful and was dead on in all cases.

The Hotel Diego had arranged for me was very good. The rooms where clean the Air con cold and all the staff where very good to me. Also i think the rates for rooms and drinks or food where very fairy. They even had Motorcycles for rent for great prices.

So the first day after i checked into the hotel me and Diego agreed to meet the next day and i took a walk though town. It was only about a 20 to 30 min walk though town and there are a lot of great little shops and restaurant to stop at. I was alone and never felt bothered by anyone on the streets. Everyone was very friendly.

Day 2

Diego was there on time. ( this guy never made me wait.)

We sat and chatted and i really enjoyed getting to know him. He again was very patience and answered all my questions. ( Really guys listen to him he will save you from making allot of mistake.) Of course i did it my way and found out the hard why a couple of times.  But still Diego was right there to listen to my loud mouth and still point me in the right directions. I also meet my first girl that day and Diego was again most helpful. She was very nice and at first i was quite taken by her. But of course again My good friend Diego was right there and cautioned me on to not rush things

My second girl i meet later that day and even though there was no big spark we went for lunch and had a nice time chatting. That night i meet up with some good people in the hotel. Some (2) where Diegos clients. We all went to town and had a great time.

Day 3

I had arranged to meet the first girl again. I went out to her place by motorcycle that i had rented from the hotel. Diego had sent his guy that helps him and he was on time and took me out there. I spent a few hours with her and had a good time but still was a little unsure. Diego later meet with me and i told him that with just one week vacations there was not really much time to get to know these ladies. And i suggested that i would just see this first one for a bit more and not really rush to meet any more. Well Diego must have sense something was not quite right with me and my choice and convinced me just to stop by this new girls place and meet her. Well i am so glad he did i must say i was in shock. How could this guy know that if i designed a women for me this would be this girl. Beautiful is not even enough to describe this girl. Her smile lights up the room. I was so in shock i did not know what to say. Again thank you to my friend Diego. He suggested she join us for dinner. I am so glad he did. We all went out and had a wonderful time even though i was so in awe with this girl i could hardly talk to her.

Day: 4

I had arranged to meet with that wonderful girl again. I went over to her house in the afternoon and we sat out side and chatted. Guys my spanish is very bad, but when it was quite and just the too of us it was surprising how much we understood. That night again Diego came to see how i was doing. I told him that everything was great and i was hoping to spend allot more time with this lady. He talked to her and just made sure we where both feeling the same and Dinner plans where set for the next night at the beach.

Day 5

Well i spent the day shopping and stuff and looking forward to my dinner date at the beach. I had invited a friend along with his girlfriend, who turned out to be a friend of my date so that went well. I picked her up at her place and we took a 15  min motorcycle ride to the beach. Wow what a great spot. Very romantic. Again Diego suggested this spot.

We had a great dinner and a nice walk holding hands it was great. I took her home, it was a little cooler are the way back and  she was a little cold. (next time rent a car, or well maybe. She did have to hold on to me tighter on the bike.)

I stayed and watched some T V with her and meets some friends. I then kissed her good night and went back to my hotel.

Day: 6

Wow it all went by so fast. I have to leave tomorrow. Well today is a big day. We are going out to a different little town to meet the family and Mom and Dad. Wow am i nervous. We took a 40 min cab ride and i got to meet most of her family. It was very hot that day and i was sweating a lot. But this wonderful lady was always there making sure i was fine. Her family was wonderful and they opened up there home to me and treated me very nice.  We spent the good part of the day there and then headed back to Sosua.

That evening we went out again with friends and had dinner. This is a really great spot and there  many great restaurants to choose from.

Day 7

Well it is 5 am. I am packed and ready to go. My flight is at 11 o clock but I can not sleep.  i am truly amazed at what has happened over this last week. I truly had a fantastic holiday and i know this could not have happened without all the great advice and help Diego gave me. Also anyone reading this if there are serious about really finding someone special to share there life Then i can honestly say give my friend Diego a call. If you want to travel to  the D.R. for a great vacations and to meet lots of girls to fool around with. Go have a great time. But I do not think Diego services is for you. He truly tries his best to only introduce you to very nice honest ladies that are truly looking for someone to love. So I think it is only fair you have the same intentions.

As for me and my special lady. Well I went over that last morning and said my good bye. I have already talked to her on the phone since I got back and a busy making plans to go back to see her very soon and for a little longer time. Where is it going to lead I am still not sure but I know she is a fantastic lady and I would be a fool to not a least try. I made some great friends there. I truly want to Thank Diego and his family and friends. I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Rick Canada


Hi Diego,

I would like to take the opportunity to tell you about my experience in Santiago visiting Altagracia and her family. First some background.


This was not my first trip to DR and my past trips was bitter sweet in the sense that quickly i realized that some DR women are great con artist.... are in another sense one could simple view it as survival. With that been said, i met some very nice honest people who made me want to return to experience the warmth and hospitality of their country.  So having failed on my own interims of meeting someone i decided to be adventurous and subscribe to Diego's Latinaffairs.  At first thought, i viewed the site with skepticism, but after speaking to Diego, my concerns were alleviated.

Making contact

i wrote to a few ladies and tried communicating by phone. initially, it was very frustrating as my spanish is very limited, but i was not deterred as i felt it allowed me to weed out incompatible ladies.

My Choice

After several calls, i settled on speaking to a young lady who struck me as being rather direct. From the onset she stated what she wanted a honest and sincere person. We spoke for several months before i made my trip to meet her.  i really did not know what to expect it was not until i saw her in person that my reservation eased.  She was beautiful not only in looks, but also in personally and i immediately knew this was someone i wanted to know more about.

What i learned immediately this was an interview by her family and not really and opportunity for me to spent time with her.  Nevertheless, meeting the family was an interesting experience as it gave me an opportunity to see her in that setting.


i have to thank you Diego in answering my question and for your guidance. is she the one???

That i can't say at this time as i need a lot more time to know more about her, but i am happy to have met such a wonderful lady.

Thanks Diego,


dominican dating
Paolo and Nicauly

Charles from the USA writes
You are truly a unique individual. Being a business owner myself, your customer service is truly superior and it is second to none in the arena of international dating. it makes all the difference in the world to know that someone who provides a service is sincere about providing the service as opposed to being totally focused on being compensated for the service. Take Care and congratulations on your future marriage.
Ana from Venezuela writes
Hola Diego. Te envio mi foto. Soy Ana  from Venezuela. Me registre en su website.Por favor agrega mi foto en mi profile. Realmente me gusta mucho su website, bien interesante, espero conseguir un esposo muy pronto. Saludos y estamos en conctato. Ana

Lucas writes
i was very impressed with you're website and will check in more frequently.
i have been in Sosua several times and enjoy every minute when i am their

Zalo from the US writes
Hi Diego,
i first found your website over a year ago, before you made all those fantastic improvements. Not only do i like looking at the pretty girls but by simply reading everything on your site, i have become quite knowledgeable about the DR. i am particularly impressed with your personal touch and your business practices. i plan to travel to the DR within the next 18 months. My only worry is that your site becomes so popular and big that you won't be able to continue to give the excellent service that you seem to give now.
 i hope you continue to concentrate your efforts on the DR and not those other countries.
Anyway, keep up the good work, Diego!.....from Zalo

John from Hawaii writes
This is just a simple "Thank You" note for your most impressive website. 
Today (Sunday, January 26) i was surfing the web when i stumbled onto your site. i was so impressed by the quality of the ladies that i just placed an order for four addresses. It wasn't an easy choice, either!
i don't know what will come of the correspondence with the ladies;
i just hope that out of four of them, at least one of them will desire to continue
to correspond with the hopes of eventually meeting. Again, Sir, thank you very much. i think i finally decided on where i want to spend my vacation!
 John from Hawaii


Ruben from Mexico

Hi Diego!
 it's a pleasure to be able to contact you.  i found your site about TWO minutes ago and i already read some pages but mainly saw Pictures! Man! Like we say in Mexico: "Te la llevaste!" Your site is great! and you also look great surrounded by those Dominican beauties, my admiration for you!. i have been reading a lot about Cuba. i am a 23 year old Mexican who is anxious of meeting Cuban women (dominican will do as well).  You have no idea of how GLAD i am to have found your site.  While i don't know EXACTLY what the purpose of your site is (i have mainly looked at the cool pictures;-) 
 i guess you are a sort of "beauty" tourist guide in the Caribbean.  That's exactly what i am looking for and i couldn't resist the impulse to email you and congratulate you for the job you're doing! i like people which share my interests and you are one of them since you also love Caribbean women and seem to have a passion for living a GOOD life without the stupid repressive rules that first world societies have made up to make
men unhappy.  As you might know, there is nothing like Latin America to have fun and be free.  i am young now, but it makes me sick when people in the US or Mexico criticize trans generational relationships.  is it that 50 year olds have no right to admire and desire 20 year old beauties? Does society think they don't have the right to even look at a pretty 18 year old? in the United states, a 23 year old like me might be considered too old for a 17 year old girl and he might even go to jail just for trying to court her.  it's great that in our Latin American countries that stupidity does not prevail...yet.  Diego, with your "permiso" i am going to continue looking at your site (I'm a web designer, just in case you ever need one;-)  Again, i congratulate you because i can see that you enjoy what you do and you have fun.  Keep up that cool work!.  I'll keep in touch because i am really interested in your services. i have seen many similar sites but NONE is as cool as yours as far as interesting content. The fact that you include pictures of the girls makes the viewer just want to "JUMP" in there with you guys.  Your site is on my favorites now and I'll keep visiting it often (while i start saving for my trip to Dominican Republic;-)
Take care man,

Diego from Missouri writes

in the very short time that i have known Diego he has shown me that he is the Dynamite Dominican Diego. He has guided me in my personal quest for a companion like a true friend. He is "Latin Affairs". Where he gets the energy from is the big question. his personal attention to me as a client is unparallel in the vast sea of wanna bees in internet courtship arena.
He is personally involved with each of the ladies that flock to him at his home and anywhere he goes in the country. His attention to detail and innovations of his companies web site reflects the in the success clients, both male and female enjoy. All i can say is, take advantage of his synergism and join in with me and the smiling others that he has put his magic dust on. i feel in my heart that he will do any and everything he can to assist me in finding my jewel of a soul mate in the Dominican Republic. What he does is from
his heart, his family is there, and i want to go there and meet him personally.
And i soon will. Thanks Diego!

Josiah from Florida writes
i would like to say, thank you very much. i had the best time when i was in the
 Dominican Republic. You can count me as a happy Client. The least i can do is to take some Time and tell everyone who wants to listen about my trip.
To anyone thinking of making the Trip, i recommend it. Before i went, i was scared, i didn't know what to except, The only times i had seen the DR was either after a hurricane or when they do a story about Sammy Sosa on TV.
i was still very nervous when i got off the plane, i was wondering what i was
going to do if you didn't show up, that wasn't a problem you where waiting right there with a taxi,
After about 5 minutes of talking to you i was very relieved. Bt the time i got checked into the Hotel i was completely at ease.
About the was very nice, the rooms are huge. i work in one of the nicest hotels in the world, and this room dwarfed the suites at my hotel. if the had cost five times as much, it would have been a good deal. i was supposed to meet 4 girls, but in less then 1 hour i didn't
 want to meet to meet the other girls. She is the sweetest thing in the world, and i didn't want to leave her side and i didn't. i spend my entire stay with her. My only regret is that it wasn't nearly enough time....i speak Spanish pretty good and didn't need much help after that and it was obvious how disappointed you were, that you couldn't be of more help. Being the good host that you are, you never stopped trying though, and it was very comforting to know that if i needed anything all i had to do was to call you.
But i was in good hands with her. The next day we went to Santiago to meet her family, it was a 2 hour drive by bus that seemed like 2 minutes. When we got to her house the hospitality i was shown was amazing. i was welcomed into their home and treaded like i was family....Unfortunately her father did not come home from work before we went back to Sosua. We had planed to go to the beach the next day but i really wanted to meet her father so back to Santiago we went...When i met her father, it was the first time i was scared
again since i left the airport, but everything went ok and we got along great...
i hated to leave the next day back to the US everything was so perfect.
i am in love and it took me less then 4 days to get there, she was exactly what i was looking for. I am coming back in the spring or sooner, and hopefully will not be going back to the US alone this time.
To wrap this up, anyone thinking about making the trip, do it, take it from me you will not regret it
Thank you Diego...Josiah

Hello Diego, from the Netherlands
i just wanted to let you know about my experience with you in Sosua  in November. You had arranged for a field trip to Santiago the day after i arrived. The trip was beyond my expectations. i was introduced to i believe over 15 girls that day, one being more beautiful than the other and very hard to make a choice for me. i would have loved to take them all. i had a tremendous day that i will never forget. i did choose one of the ladies and she ended up being very nice and i hope that our relationship will blossom in the future.
in a way i wish i had planned my trip and excursion to Santiago a few weeks later as looking at the site now, there are really some beauties both on the regular site and on the members only pages. i really enjoy the member's only
pages, as they show more pictures as well as some nice bikini shots and sometimes more. Please keep up the good work. Your service excels based on my experience with other agencies. They really could learn a lot from you.
Thanks again for showing me a wonderful time.
Hans from The Netherlands
Hans bought a Membership in September and he was the first one, to do a
Field Trip with me

Zalo writes.
Hi Guys
Your site is the first one my brother and i click on whenever we're online. 
We hope to take a trip to D.R. sometime in 2003, and i intend to be acquainted to a few of the your beautiful girls before then. One question: On your profiles on the Sosua girls,
 i noticed that when they are in their swimsuits, they are usually
sitting down.
We want to see the
girls standing up so we can see the full length of the legs. i am a leg man.
i love your site. Keep up the good work!  Zalo

Dave from New York State writes

Hi, Diego.....i just want to write a short note to say how thankful i am to you for helping me find a lady for my future bride. i have searched so many different web sites and have been down so many dead ends at these other sites. Then, one day, when i was surfing out of frustration with those other sites, i came across your web site. All the other sites were so passive - just send money for an address - then nothing. You have an active innovative web site
 with many different options that makes it easy for a guy to find his Miss Right. Additionally, you have been so helpful with your personal service. i still can’t believe it was less that 1 week and i had received replies from the ladies i selected using your extra services (these extra services sure did work). i, personally, have never seen any other site with so
many different options to communicate with the ladies while searching for the right one. As of this letter, i think i have already found my life mate in just a couple of weeks (my first choice by the way) when i have wasted the last 11 months on approximately 23 other ladies from the other sites with no services, or, at the least, poor services. in fact, one site took my money for flowers to be delivered and then told me the florist couldn't find the house, but wouldn’t return my money. Diego, i must  thank you for the wonderful photos you took when you personally delivered the flowers for me to Maria.
i am very impressed by the way you are personally making sure that everything is going well for me, and making sure my experience with your web site is the best experience i can have, concerning this difficult task of finding a bride. You really want to see me happily married, don’t you!! PS Maria has told me she is very happy with your service also, because, if it wasn’t for your web site, she wouldn’t have found me.
Thanks Again --Dave From New York State.

Jeff from the Virgin islands writes:
My trip to the Dominican Republic was good i rented a car from a place right outside the airport i did it in a rush so when i left i realized the car was on empty so i seen a gas station and i filled the car up when i went inside to pay they did not take dollars and that was all i had so i was in a bad situation right away but a nice and quite attractive young lady who worked there came to my rescue she took all her money and paid for my gas she was already off work so she needed a ride and i needed to pay her back so she took me to a place where i could change the money she did not speak one word of English but while we were changing the money i asked the man to interpret for me and i ask her if she would like to show me around and have dinner with me later and she agreed and i took her to her house for her to change and shower we had a great evening she told me that she did have a boyfriend and he was away working and i told her no problem my intentions were honorable so we had a great time i met her brother and he told me to pick him up the next day and he would show me the beaches and nice places to hang out. i stayed in a hotel in Boca Chica that night the next day i picked him up and we went to the beach in Boca Chica it was early but there were a lot of pretty girls around and he kept asking did i want him to call them over but i told him no i am a little shy for that because my Spanish is so poor so we went to san Pedro and i got a nicer hotel there and i took him back when i returned to the hotel i met a guy from St Thomas and he told me he met his wife there and they were back visiting her family so they invited me to join them for dinner and she had a sister that was mucho Bonita i learned that on my trip and we walked around town a little and she told me i should go to the capital the next day and i made arrangements to meet her the next day when i returned to my room i decided to check in on my job and would you believe they had an emergency and needed me to return right away so i did not get the chance to get to know this girl either i left the next morning at 6:51 am  i like the people and the place but the poverty hurt my heart and the guys on the motorcycles made me laugh with three or four people on one find me a nice girl who can spend 3 days and 2 nights with me so that i have time to get to know her on my next trip if she can speak just a few words of English and has a happy attitude i will be happy for sure all hotels have two beds and i am a perfect gentleman.

Tayon from Houston writes:
Thank you for your Service.

James from New Jersey writes:
i'm so happy about the Newspaper Ad i placed through your website in a Colombian Newspaper. Your prompt responses to my E-mails was greatly appreciated. i would recommend your service to all of my friends. Thank you for making a difference in my life

Herb from Syracuse writes:
i was impressed by your rapid response. usually people take their time once they have your money.  hopefully  the responses i get from the ladies will be as fast.  again, thank you for your service

Danny form the US writes:
Very nice service being offered. Just found your site by chance. i would very much like to view more of your ladies from Columbia, who speak, read, write English, and have email available at home. Columbian woman appear to be very beautiful. i am an American and since i  speak only English and much prefer email communication, please recruit more ladies in those categories, and ladies that are sincere about moving to the states. i am seriously considering using your service to find a life mate. Thank you

Tony from the US writes
Hi Diego
Diego asked:  What convinced you to purchase a membership ?
Actually, there were a number of things that came into play...
1.  You come across as an honest and forthright business man.
No real hype or other glamorization either on your website or in your notes to me....
i saw real people in real places, not the bevy of posed bikini clad babes that pervade some
other sites i looked at.... You answered most of my questions in a very direct manner and asked for clarification on the ones you didn't answer....
You provided me a phone number to call - not an anonymous e-mail address - to contact a client of yours...
You immediately corrected the link problems on your site that i pointed out....
You sent me info on real estate after i expressed an interest. 
if you were out to take advantage of me, you certainly wouldn't want me for a neighbor!!!
2.  You struck me as a true gentleman, through our correspondence and what you share of yourself and your family on your website.  in our correspondence, you seemed more focused on defending your personal integrity (which i inadvertently challenged) than in appeasing me.
3.  You live there - you run the show in Sosua and the surrounding area.  i am doing business with you, a flesh and blood person - not some PO box in Washington DC, or Miami, or Houston...
4.  The risk is low and the potential reward high - by that i mean, the cost of membership is only a little more than the cost of a dinner/club date and i do intend to visit the DR within the next 3 -4 months.  Why not have a contact there?  While i am certain that i will be taking advantage
of your additional services - introductions, field trip, chat etc.  i believe that even if i didn't,  and i had a question, or needed some advice related to the DR, you would be responsive.  i certainly don't believe that I've purchased your attention, or even entitled to it, but i can't help but feel membership may have some benefit in that regard.  For example, two of my favorite things are fishing and metal-detecting.  I'm planning on spending 7 - 10 days there and while meeting and having dinner out and dancing with pretty women would
certainly be on my agenda, i can't say that it would be my entire agenda. 
i am thinking that i can get good advice from you regarding a lot of activities
that i would otherwise have to rely on more commercial sources for -
say a fishing guide etc.  And if you can't - it's not a big deal...
is that enough reasons?  
i did speak with Don, but not before i signed up.  My questions for him were mostly about his overall impressions of the DR - not you or your service...  But he couldn't stop talking about you and the girls and how comfortable you made him feel and what a paradise the DR is....  He was so genuinely enthusiastic!!!! 
He only stumbled on one question.  The one i asked about you.  i asked him if you were funny  (humorous - because i am) - he paused and said that you had a sense of humor and sometimes said things that completely caught him off guard...  But then Don seemed to be a very serious man.  The only time he really laughed was when i said that you had mentioned that he and i may have something in common regarding the stock market
situation!!!  I'm truly looking forward to meeting you in person
Oh, and why does Don call you Diago (Dee ah go) instead of Diego (Dee aa go)? 
is pronunciation different in DR?  He didn't know who i was talking about to start with!!! Thanks for the contact.  Just what i needed - really!!!!  He has a dream in his hands, and he's living it!  i told him that i planned to be there in March and i would try to look him up through you - he wasn't sure that he would be there - but if he is i hope you guys are in touch and i can buy him a beer!!! 

Diego from the US writes
i  truly like your website and assure you that it is the best one for Dominican Ladies. i lived in the DR over 20 years ago and married a Dominican. My first child was born in Santo Domingo. i have traveled all over la isla and i really love the country. Yo hablo espanol muy bien y ahora es el tiempo para buscarme otra mujer domicana.  Me gusta mucho tu website y estoy feliz que ahora tu tienes mujers de Santiago. Santiago es un caudal linda y Las mujers son precosa. Cada dos o tres meses voy al DR me gusta ir al Punta Cana. 
Estaba en Puerta Plata hace dos anos y ha camibado mucho .  i remember how it was back in 1980 when i first went there. i would love  to be able to do what you do its got to be great. Next year in January i plan a trip and would like to pass by Puerto Plata y tal vez puedo comprad dos frios grandes y tomar los contigo. Keep up the good work....    

Hola Diego.
i would like to thank you for your hospitality, while i was in your country.
i have never seen so many beautiful ladies in one place at one time.
You made it very comfortable for me during the introductions. i was very pleased with the quality of the ladies i met. it was very difficult to chose only one. Because of you i was able to get to know the Dominican People in they're world, and they're culture,  which would have been impossible as an ordinary tourist. i am very happy with the lady that i chose, and plan on moving to your beautiful country to marry this lovely lady.
Thank you very much,
Don from West Palm Beach Florida

Tim from Long island
i would like to share my experience with anyone who is thinking about
going to DR to meet a girl through Latin Affairs. i was in contact with Diego
about a month before my trip. He answered all my questions very quickly
through e-mail. i bought my plane ticket and told Diego when i would be
there. Diego explained that he was busy that day and would meet me at the
hotel. When i arrived at the hotel Diego was there to meet me. We went and
had lunch, and talked for a while. Diego answered a number of questions, not
only about the girls, but about Sosua, and DR, he gave me excellent advice
about the town.
i was there to meet 3 girls. Diego had set up all the times to meet, and
sent his driver to pick me up each time. During all the meetings Diego was
very helpful, he would translate and make sure me and the girl were
comfortable. The second girl i met was the one for me. We went out to dinner
that night to a wonderful restaurant in Sosua. Diego came with us, again it
was very comfortable, and very friendly. The rest of my trip i spent with the
lady. i talked to Diego everyday, he was there anytime i needed advice or
just to make sure i was OK. i plan on going back to DR in January to spend
more time with the lady, also to see Diego.
i had a wonderful trip, and can't wait to go back. Anyone who is thinking
about going, do it! I've never done anything like this before and I'm so happy
i did. i can't stress enough how comfortable it was, also how Diego was such a
great host. Even since I've been home, Diego is still helping me and the lady to
keep in touch by translating for us on the phone.    Tim

Antonio from the US
i just recently visited Sosua to meet 6 girls. As promised Diego was waiting for me at the airport and took me to the Hotel in Sosua which was very clean and close to everything in town, restaurants, the beach, shops, etc. For those of you who don't know Dominican women
are very beautiful and completely opposite of the typical feminist in western culture. They cook, clean, iron, and are very loving. And even though they are very poor and have almost nothing they are always smiling which still amazes me. The photos of the girls do not even come close to capturing the true beauty of meeting them in person.
I met the girls at Diegos home which has a beautiful view of Sosua. Diego is a great host by the way. Every girl i met was extremely beautiful, slim perfect bodies with tiny little waists and big beautiful smiles. A few just completely knocked me out. Every girl showed up for their first appointments, although some were late which is the way they are, so you have to get used to that.
i honestly have to say i was very interested in 4 of the 6 girls i met and plan on returning in December to get to know 3 of the 4 a little better.
Two of the girls i met did not show up for second dates which drove Diego crazy, running around on a Motoconcho trying to find them. When he did find them and they had no good excuse for not showing up, he immediately removed them from his website and offered to introduce me to any other girls
i wanted to meet for free..
One girl stood me up for lunch and i ended up buying pizza, sodas and ice creams for the 4 shoeshine boys who polished my shoes while i was waiting out in front of the restaurant for her. That 25 cent shoeshine cost me about 20 dollars but it was worth every penny, these little guys thanked me a million times over and it was worth it to see the big smiles
on their faces and talk about baseball for a while. Diego removed her from the Site as well
My last night i had dinner with a girl so sweet, sweeter than sugar. When i asked her if she wanted dinner she said she wasn't hungry but she was too shy to tell me she really was. After i found out she only had one small meal for the whole day (remember these girls are really poor) i got her to eat something and she finished before me. We talked and laughed for 5 hours which felt like 5 minutes and i hated to see her leave and take that big beautiful smile with her. i am planning  to keep in touch with the girls and am planning to go back to
the Dominican Republic this winter to get to know these hidden treasures
much better and i am sure i will find the right one for me.
Well Diego, i know it is a little long but i hope you display
the whole thing. 

Leo from Fort Lauderdale writes: 
(Leo was the first Person to use E Mail forwarding)
Yes, I will be doing more business with your service. I want to thank 
you for helping me to find a nice young Lady 
and helping me to get in contact with her. I want to thank you for going out your
 way to help me. When I come in September to the Dominican Republic 
i would like to meet you and spend some time with you. 
Once again I would like to thank you. Leo

David our July 2002 Membership Winner writes:
Hi Diego. Thanks very much for the addresses of the women in the Dominican
Republic. As for how I happen to win the membership, I don't know. As
luck would have it, I really didn't realize what I was doing. However, I have
heard that one has a better chance in entering something at the very last
minute, in other words one of the last entries has a better chance. Who
knows? As I said, I had no idea as to what I was doing. Thank you very much
for your prompt service. I plan give your websites URL (but not the addresses)
to some of the clients I work with. I am a student at Chico State. We all need somebody to love.
Sorry about the emotional moment there. Thanks David

Jeff from San Diego writes:
Here is my Order for a couple of the Ladies you have listed on your Service.
Thank you so much for the Service that you are providing for Men throughout the World. We desperately need to find better Woman than the ones that we are currently having to deal with. Keep up the great work.

Dewey from New York writes:
I appreciate all the help you have given me and look forward to worrying you to death in the future.  And I thank you for the speed as to which you have gotten the addresses to me.  I have to admit, you did have me worried.  Thinking that maybe you could not deliver.  Now I as happy as a fag coming out of Winn Dixie with a bag full of dicks

Daniel writes
Thanks for the invitation to select two females to write to.
(Daniel pointed out a mistake on my Site and for this I offered him 2 free Addresses) I first would like to tell you how delighted i am to see you have added the video pics to your web site. This was a wonderful idea, as it provides us a better insight into some of the females personality and appearance.
Also, the video pics makes some Girls look a lot more beautiful than their photo pics. Like Carmen (D050) for example, she looks a lot different on her video pic than she does in her photos.
in any event keep up the good work

Hello my name is Leo
I would like to thank Diego and Latin Affairs for helping me with finding my future Wife. I went to the Dominican Republic on September 19 and I spend one week on the island. Diego met me at the Airport and took me to my Hotel. The first day I spend getting to know the Girl I have been communicating with for over 2 Months. We got along so good, I spend the rest of the Week with the young Lady and her Family. Diego made sure I was o.k. and he made sure the young Lady was o.k. and he was always there when we needed him. I spend some time at Diego's House and I want to thank him for welcoming me into his House.
Diego asked me if I wanted to spend some Time with him and get to know the area and I said all I wanted, is to do spend Time with the young Lady and her Family. This was the best vacation I had in a long time and once again I would like to thank Diego and Latin Affairs.
I was so happy with the young Lady that I filed for her [k-1 ]fiancée] visa and i hope she will be here in about 6-9 month. I will be back in the Dominican Republic in January to spend more Time with my young Lady, her Family and Diego.

Gene writes
Gene is one of my Clients and I found his Pictures on an other Dominican website with a section for Men seeking a Latin Lady. I wrote to him asking about his experience with that site
I do have a personal there and NOPE it is a bust. it appears to be a "post a personal and forget it" kind of place. 
I have had one response, which oddly enough was sent to me prior to my personal add appearing on line.  I received some addresses and of the one's I received, I have not corresponded with any of them outside of a couple MSN Messenger Chats, but the girl really doesn't seem interested in getting past how is the weather and she doesn't remember talking to me from one occasion to the next.  To tell you the truth, I'm much happier with your service just because I know who I'm talking to as well as you actually talk back to me.  I think the other webpage is a little more flashy, but service in my opinion is a bust.  I must tell you something, you know us military guys are all about trust when it comes to personal stuff, I bank with someone I trust, I buy a car from someone I trust, my investor is someone I trust OR I don't do business with them.  That is the main reason I like you and your site. Sounds corny because I've never personally met you, but you deal with me in person and just like your email, you keep up and in touch.
Now whether I actually have any success here, at least I can say that i know who I'm dealing with, Your service has been excellent, you've been completely honest with me about everything and provided me advice.  What else can someone ask for? As they say, everything else is gravy.  If I met one of the girls and something happens, good.  But at least I haven't been misled or wasted my time. So, good on ya Diego.  I like your business. Thanks.  And again, sorry about last night and my quick message. 
A perfect example of what i just said.  You didn't have to tell me crap about her being married, but you did. (He is referring to a Girl where i found out yesterday that she is married)  it's good business and it's honest. i appreciate that.
Thanks again.  Talk to you soon.  Gene

David writes
I am writing to express my gratitude for the excellent service that you provide.
I recently signed up to your mailing list, and was having difficulty in doing so.
Bravenet informed me that your companies mail box was full and to inform you of this. I did, and to my amazement your company thanked me and provided me the choice of any 3 girls addresses for free. That's what I call true professionalism and customer service.
Thanks a million.

Paul writes
I have long thought that Dominican girls are the prettiest in the world,
and some of your photos confirm this. Perhaps one day, if I learn some Spanish,
I might marry a Dominican girl! Your website seems to be honest, useful and enjoyable.

Walter from Georgia writes:
Hello Diego,
I have been dealing with your agency for only a few weeks now. I have dealt with many agencies over the past several years and I must sincerely say that i am extremely impressed with the professional service that you provide your customers. You add that personal touch to the service that many agencies do not provide. I hope to find what i am looking for in your agency and I am sure that with your assistance I will not be steered wrong. Again my sincere thanks for the excellent service and professionalism that your agency has provided me so far. I highly recommend your service to anyone interested in finding his/her love in the Dominican Republic.

Heru from California writes:
Hey Diego,
I am extremely pleased with your website, and your extreme professionalism.
I've had bad experiences with Dominican love sites before not getting address ordered, pictures, and customer relations etc...etc...Hey, when will you offer buying stock from your company? If it hasn't already, I know that it is going to blossom 10 times fold. I want to let you know that I ordered the address of the new lady, the one that you had on ice that had a newborn baby nine months ago. I like the fact that the ladies that you present are not washed-up ugly hags', but classy-looking women.
Keep up the EXCELLENT JOB!

John from Florida writes:
I followed your site for years and it was not very good, because there
are very few sites for Dominican women and I love the the women from the
island. This is a great improvement from years gone by I think I will
join your site soon.



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