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And write me a testimonial !!!”: he shouted when I left this little paradise. Pfff, a testimonial …, how can I express in words how wonderful this vacation was ?
OK, it all started with thinking about a holiday somewhere far away from home. Because I visited Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic once for business, it seemed a good idea to repeat this positive trip.

While surfing the internet to search for a hotel, I came across Diego's site . As a 28 year old guy, I think I’m a puppy compared with the average surfer of this site. But you all know the usual story: building a career, work a lot, social contacts are getting less, friends who get married etc … While surfing this site I got convinced to give this a try. My former relations ended because in today's Western-Europe both men and women are spending more time to build up a career than to maintain a relationship. Divorces are sky-high here in Belgium. But I think there are a lot op people who have problems with this attitude.

I never used a service like Diego’s company, not knowing what would happen, what to expect … I laid all my trust in this German guy. Being a bit overwhelmed with the quantity off these beautiful women on his site, I chose two girls who seemed to be my kind of taste.

I  mailed Diego, explaining him that I would take a vacation in the DR and that I wanted to make use of his service: namely introducing me to the two women I picked. I gave him more information about myself, my profession, what I was looking for in a woman etc. I was positively surprised when he suggested to take another second choice, because he thought that my second girl would not fit with my expectations.

So I had only one girl left now to meet.

Because I only booked my flight Diego took care of everything else: the hotel, the taxi from Santo Domingo to Sosua (because I used free miles, I had to fly to Santo Domingo).

I must say that I was rather anxious about this all, because I never met Diego and the only thing I booked was the plane. But he asked a photo of me to show the girl and to show it to the taxi driver in Sosua.

And in fact, after a very long trip from Belgium to the DR, the taxi driver ( a friend of Diego) was waiting at the arrival gate in Santo Domingo. A long trip of 4 hours to Sosua taught me a lot about the inner part of the DR. And it also taught me a lot also about the traffic situation and state of the roads ;-) . During this trip Diego called several times to the driver to know if everything was ok.

Once in Sosua (11 PM) we drove first to Diegho’s house to pick him up and he checked me into the hotel.

The hotel Diego is working with is operated by a German guy and has big, clean rooms with king-size bed, air-conditioning, safe and cable-tv. If possible ask for a room that is not adjacent to the street. Because the hotel is situated on the main road of Sosua, But I saw Diego is working now also with another hotel.

Anyhow, his hospitality surprised me enormously. We spend several breakfasts together to talk about experiences and “stories of our lives”.

Because there was just one girl to meet now, we set ahead to Santiago on Sunday to meet this girl. One and a half hours driving through the mountains brought us to Santiago. The girl seemed a bit surprised in the beginning, but after a little conversation with Diego we came to the conclusion that she wasn’t anxiously searching for a man, but wanted to meet me and know me better. After half an hour Diego went for a smoke and left me alone with this Spanish speaking girl (and I do only know some words in Spanish). VERY STRATEGIC DIETER !!!! But we worked out with a dictionary. After 30 minutes he came back and I must say that I was interested but not overwhelmed with feelings. So we agreed on seeing each other again in 4 days after her school exams.
Comment: Actually Kurt speaks pretty good Spanish, he did not need my Help with his second Date

The day after I met Diego again in the hotel for breakfast. I started thinking more about this girl I met, the distance, the fact that I wasn’t extremely impressed etc. So in the afternoon I called Dieter to tell him about my feeling, and he invited me to come immediately to his house to discuss this problem. We sat together before his computer and he selected himself some girls that would fit my profile and suggested to pick “Rasaura”. Guys, if he wants to suggest somebody, please accept it, because she was absolutely the one I was looking for. The day after we met in Dieter's house, and the feeling I didn’t had with the first girl, was surely present when I saw this girl. She is incredible. She can laugh, she is VERY nice to look at, she has an incredible body, and she seemed very interested. So sorry guys, I picked the best from the entire DR ;-) .

I brought her back to the hotel and we had a very pleasant conversation. She really did her best to talk slowly, to use simple words, to look up words in the dictionary etc. We agreed to meet again in the restaurant “Waterfront” (very romantic). And so started a relationship where I feel love from both sides. We had an incredible evening … and night (no details !!).

The following days we stayed together the whole time and visited Santiago, Cabarete, Nagua, went to the beach, played American Pool with her brothers (wonderful experience) and I was invited in the home of her parents.

It was an incredible week for me and Dieter knows how grateful I am bringing the two of us together. His standard sentence: “That is what you’re paying me for” is the greatest bullshit I’ve ever heard. He has done so much more than just his job: he helped me out, he gave us advice, he spent a lot of time with me. I never had the feeling being treated as a client. He gave me the honor to witness the proposal he made to his girlfriend to marry him.

After this incredible week I had to go again, with a lot of regrets, back to Belgium. I promised Rasaura and Dieter to come back in June to visit Dieter again as a friend, and to spend some more time with Rasaura off course. Before I left, Dieter guided us to a private school where Rasaura can study English and Computer.

Even now we have on a regular basis contact with each other.

In the beginning I was rather skeptic about all this, and didn’t know what to expect … well this was beyond all expectations, and I would like to thank Dieter again (although he doesn’t like that ;-) ) for all the trust and time and for helping me to find a new soul mate.

The future will tell hat will happen between me and Rasaura, but I’ll keep you posted !

I hope you all have such a great time as I did and believe me: the DR girls are the most beautiful of the world…

Greetings....Kurt from Belgium

          TIPS for a TRIP

  1. Be as clear as possible on what you’re searching or expecting. Dieter will help you to find the right girl for the right person. Remember, he has met them before, you have not…
  2. Renting a car is very handy if you want to see something more than just beaches and water. The girl you want to meet probably doesn’t lives next door, so it’s cheaper to rent a car than to pay a taxi every time. A car will cost you approximately 1500 peso’s a day.
  3. Don’t be surprised: these girls do not have the same life standard as we have. They are pretty happy with the few things they have. If you are invited to meet her parents, they will treat you like you were a king. They will do everything to please you. Not because they have to, but because they just want to, because it’s their way of showing their hospitality. Every mother wants the best for her daughter and at that time: YOU ARE THE BEST. They will soon see you as a part of the family if you’re open for that.
  4. If she doesn’t shows her interest in you – if she doesn’t tries to find words in the dictionary to build up a conversation – if she doesn’t keeps the fire in a conversation because you speak another language … stop it and ask Dieter if he knows somebody else.
  5. They have absolutely no idea of the value of money. The average family earns approximately 3000 peso’s per Month. So if you buy her a bikini for 150 peso’s that’s a lot of money. Remind them that some things are not cheap even for you. Because if they do no learn the value of money and what they can buy with money, they will spend your money without thinking.
  6. Most Dominican Male's have a macho Attitude. This means that these girls don’t know affection and are not used to a man who shows his affection. They are not like western girls. They do not always know what to do, to express their feelings. Help them, talk a lot, tell them that it is OK to show feelings etc. You will not know what you’ll be seeing …
  7. Don’t be surprised if they don’t know how to behave in a restaurant. Remember that going to a restaurant costs them 1/6th of a monthly wage, so they don’t go there.
  8. If it works out between you two, she’ll soon start talking about children etc. That’s their way. To me, it seemed very fast to talk about how many children, names etc. But it’s normal there. This doesn’t means that you’ll have to have children as soon as possible, but be prepared about them asking your opinion about children.
  9. Traveling with motoconcho’s (like taxi’s, but with motorcycles for short distances) is very easy around there. But pay them what they normally charge (10 peso’s during the day, or 20 peso’s at night). Because you’re a tourist they’ll try to charge you extra (the same with taxi’s, shops etc).
  10. Internet is not a single problem. You can check your mail on several locations in Sosua.
  11. Listen to Dieter, he knows the habits and he knows what these girls are thinking about.
  12. Dieter helped me a lot with finding my way around  Sosua. He took me to a bank with good currency rates – he booked me a good hotel (40$, I checked the price in the Casa Marina:160$ for a single guy and no extra person is allowed in your room) – he gave me one of his digital camera's to take pictures – he gave me his umbrella (yeah …sometimes it rains in the DR) – he gave me his dictionary … So let him be your guide and you’ll have the best vacation in a long time.
  13. Cliff   Lee   Kurt   Scott   Alex   Antonio  Robert  Jeff

    For the latest's and many more Testimonials click here

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