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Two Weeks: Part One
It's  6th. I'm looking out my window in Indiana. It's cold. It's sleeting. There's several inches of snow on the ground. I'm frowning but I'm going to Sosua in the Dominican Republic tomorrow.
Why the Dominican Republic? It's the second largest island in the Caribbean. It has more unspoiled beaches and breathtaking scenery than Hawaii. I know, I lived in Hawaii. The people there are a mixture of many different races. The women are friendly, proud, beautiful, in great shape, and seem a lot happier than their American counterparts. A good time to them is being with their family, friends, going to the beach, singing, dancing, and walking with their man. What I'm saying is if your meaning of life is Gucci, Vertu, Lexus, and spending a lot, you may not like the Dominican Republic. If you're wondering what J Lo thinks, if you're racially prejudiced, or a fat cat watching every up and down tick on the stock market, you're definitely not going to like the Dominican Republic. If however, you enjoy people, exercise, spending less and living better, I would highly suggest you consider coming to the Dominican Republic.
About a week before I leave for the Dominican Republic I come across a website called I'm impressed with the format and pictures on the site. The webmaster, Diego has done his homework and the site has excellent pictures and info of many beautiful women. Unknown to me at the time, these women are even more vivacious, beautiful, and sexy in person. Most importantly to me, they are also gracious, appreciative, and kind. While most do not possess a lot of material goods, they are quite proud of their looks, dress sharply, and have the warmest smiles anywhere. I definitely was not disappointed in Diego introducing me to three girls on his site.
I find out that one of the girls on Diego's site I wanted to meet was taken just a few hours before I arrive. In fact, I meet the lady and her German suitor several times the first few days I'm in the DR. They seem happy, very comfortable, and I'm quite envious to be perfectly honest with you. The first lady I want to meet lives in Santo Domingo. It's a 5 hour bus trip to Sosua and a 5 hour return. The lady, Paola, works six days a week and can only see me on Sunday. That very Sunday she comes to Sosua to meet me. I'm very touched because I can honestly say I know of no woman in the United States who would have done that for me. When I meet her, I'm so in awe of her beauty that I almost forget all the Spanish I have been practicing. She has been studying English and fortunately saves the day for both of us.
Her name is Paola. Diego helps us through a very nice and informal question and answer session at his home. With her permission I ask Diego if I can take Paola to Cabarete to walk along the beautiful beach there. We return to a friend of her's house and before long she has to depart on the long journey back to Santo Domingo. I want to see this lady again. She will make the same journey again next weekend.  

Two Weeks: Part Two
During the week, two ladies from La Vega visit me. Both of these ladies are more country type girls They are also polite, nice and appreciative. Like the first lady, they take a day off to travel a considerable distance to make my acquaintance. They travel together to Diego's and are very friendly and respectful to one another and laugh a lot. I could never see this happening in my home country. Perhaps, Americans should look to their Southern neighbors for some real lessons in etiquette, humility, and civility. However, I do not choose either one of these delightful women. Instead, I get a great break. Paola can get off to see me two days the coming weekend.
She and I stay at this incredible resort, Sosua Bay Resort, and I believe we both have a wonderful time. She apparently thinks so, taking her availability off Diego's site and inviting me to visit her in Santo Domingo and to meet her son, mother, and sisters. I am most thankful for this opportunity. The two days I spend in Santo Domingo accomplish a lot. I get to meet Paola's family, spend quality time alone with her, and decide for myself that I must return again soon to find out more about this beautiful woman who has brought me so much joy to my life the past two weeks.
I cannot stop this story without touching on Diego. Actually, many others have. My defining moment with Diego came when I asked him why he puts average girls' pictures on his site when he could just as easily put only fantastically pretty women. He replied that in someone's eyes every person is a beautiful person. I always felt that way about all the students I had as a school teacher. I like that. I like Diego. I like his family. You will too. I thank him for introducing me to Paola.
It's February 23rd. I'm looking out my window in Indiana. It's cold. It's sleeting. There's eight inches of snow on the ground. I'm thinking of Paola. I'm thinking of the Dominican Republic. I'm smiling!


Cliff did get married to Paola in September
and now lives in Mexico with her

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Cliff   Lee   Kurt   Scott   Alex   Antonio  Robert  Jeff

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