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Hello from Chicago,
Let me begin by saying that I have been known to be skeptical at times so when I came across this web site and I began to look at some of the profiles,

I thought to myself that they were probably models placed there for the sole purpose of getting attention and drawing unsuspecting guys in.

I decided to look further because there were many beautiful ladies and I just thought that I wanted to know more, I began to read some of the claims about how things are in the Dominican Republic, (I was particularly amused by the part where he (Diego) says something about how you will be in disbelief for days or weeks after your trip.

This to me seemed a little over-the-top and I wondered how he could be so bold as to say something like that. After much deliberation I finally decided to book the September ’08 event
just to see for myself.
dating over 50
Well in this age where there are so many scams and somebody is always trying to get the ‘one-up’ on you, I have to say that the claims were quite understated. The ladies in the Dominican Republic are far different than any that I have ever encountered in my travels…and yes I have traveled extensively.
I was taken by their natural beauty. Little or no make-up is required for these ladies. It is a rare thing to see hair weaves or breast augmentations. They have beautiful skin and obesity is not as common as in the states. Most of the women are very responsive and attentive to their men from what I have seen.
Being in the DR is a definite eye opener. Sometimes here in the United States men are accused of not being chivalrous and inattentive while in many cases not much is being offered in return for such behavior. I have come to learn that in the DR, the ladies seem willing to give as well as take. Basically, they tend to bring out the behaviors that most women seem to long for. I see it as a fair exchange without the need for ’keeping score’.
I met numerous beautiful, attractive potential mates and I had a very difficult time choosing. It was very difficult telling the ones that I did not choose that I had made another choice. As it turns out, maybe I was a bit hasty in making my selection because things did not work out. I think that she is a very sweet girl but differences of opinion lead me to believe that we might have difficulty later so I had to end it.
I was not ready to give up on this idea however. I thought that I should try again so I came back for the April ’09 event and I was just as impressed. As it happened before, there were many, many women and a handful of guys.
Again some of the girls left the event without having had the opportunity to speak with all of the men present. Basically, our hands were full. The only problem with dating in the evenings after the event was deciding which one to be with.
I finally settled on one in particular and things are moving in the right direction. In reality I hope that there will not be a need for another event for me because my reason for attending was to find a woman to settle down with but I must say that the experience is what fantasies are made of.
Diego has made a believer out of me!
Dear Diego. I really want to thank you for letting me have the time of my life on this trip and frankly I think you should change the name of the event to the great event because were else can a 55 year old man like me hook up with 20 some year old girl that is beautiful and is really seeking a husband.

I live in Florida and I joined match for 6 months and chemistry for 1 year and a few other sites and believe me I was disappointed with all the women I dated.

Then somebody told me about and I joined up and started checking the really good looking women on this site.

I was amazed  at the age and the beauty of these women.

online dating service

After the great event I discovered that these young women are serious about meeting an older man because they are treated better and they find more security with an older man than a young one.
I was lucky to hook up with 5 very beautiful women at the event and then I felt real emotions for a 22 year old that I can't stop thinking about her so I am going back in may with a ring. I advise anybody that is looking for a soul mate join'' and don't miss the great event it is worth every penny
Thank you very much
Diego, thank you to you and your staff. 
The event was well done.  The hotel was nice and in a very convenient location.  I was amazed at being able to meet so many beautiful women at one place.
They waited patiently for the guys to come to talk with them. There were so many women that I did not get to meet and talk to all of them.  It was almost impossible to pick just one for lunch or for a date.
On the first morning, one very attractive lady caught my eye and I asked her to lunch.  Another one caught my eye in the Saturday afternoon session and I asked her to go dancing.

However, my first pick is still my favorite.  We are still in touch and time will tell where it leads.  I recommend Latin Affairs Events. 

beautiful latin women

Thanks for such a wonderful experience.
RSVP me for your next event. I will try my best to see if I can help promote your services here in the United States especially by letting my friends about how much of a great time I had.
I do plan to visit the Dominican Republic much more frequently in the coming years and will make sure to stay in touch with you on each occasion. The people are very warm and the food and music is great.

I was able to establish some contacts and will try as much as possible to develop them. The type of woman I hope for as a wife is without a doubt there in the Dominican Republic. The key is mastering my Spanish language to a functional level.

latin women marriage

There is no way to describe the event. Think about seeing hundreds of the most beautiful Latin ladies all there excited to meet you and talk to you. Here I am 47 year old man, out of shape, white hair and all.
What kind of chance could I have meeting a beautiful sweet lady to be my wife, try thinking "all of them" !!!! Yes falling in love was guaranteed.

I met the most beautiful and sweetest lady I have ever met. We spent a couple of days together at the event, then I returned a week later to propose. She accepted!

How can you even put a price on that?

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