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How can I order?
Click on the Button "Add to Cart"  This will take you to our secure online Order processor.
You can also order by Western Union, PayPal or pay by Check.
For details
go here

Do you know the Ladies personally?
Yes some of them, some better than others.
I have lived in this Country for more then 20 Years now.

Before deciding on a purchase can I ask Questions?
Sure. Mail me at

What is difference between a 3 month VIP membership vs. a Gold membership?
A gold membership includes all the contact information of the girls except the vip girls,
a vip membership includes the vip girls

How do I know ladies I see are still currently active?
The girls are active until they tell us otherwise, on other sites they add themselves and have their own memberships and nobody really knows who is behind the pretty pictures
We add their profiles after we took their pictures and they filled out a 2 page application and showed us proof of age with an Id card

Is it true that you take all the photos of the ladies?
Every single picture you see on the Dominican galleries has been taken by us, None of the girls on the site is on there for more than 3.5 years once they get to be on my site that long we invite them to come back for new pictures, if they don’t show up I delete their profiles

What's the difference between a romance tour and an event?
Basically during a 5 day tour you tell us who you want to meet, and during the event we invite between 300-400 girls to come and meet you and other men.

How does the One on One intro work?
You send me your picture tell us a little about yourself and the girls file numbers, we call them and ask them if they want to meet you.

Ok, lets say I meet the woman I want to get married with, what is the next best step? What is the best way to spend more time getting to know her? Does your service offer professional advise or help with Visa's etc?
Visit often keep in touch by phone e mail or chat, there really is not difference between dating a girl where you live or a girl from here other then the distance. We can’t help you with a Visa but there is a great website out there about that, they do nothing but help and advice people wanting to marry a women from here

Am I to old to meet a young Dominican Lady?
Most Ladies on my Site are actually looking for an older Gentleman, they are looking for Maturity, Stability and Security, all things the average Dominican Male cannot give them.

Do you give Advice how to present myself in my first Letter?
Yes I do.
Go here

How often do you update your website?
Almost daily. Check other websites and look for "Last updated"
Then come back to my Site and look. This Website is all I do.

How is your Customer Service?
Make up your own Mind, read what my Customers say about me.
Go here

How can I write to the Ladies if I don't speak Spanish?
We now offer Mail Translations
Go here

Is it expensive to come to the DR?
The best place to buy a Ticket to come here from the US, seems to be

Do you offer Help with the Ladies once I visit?
Yes I do. We offer this Service since 1999 and many Gentleman have used this Service to meet one or more of the Ladies on this Site.
Go here for more Information.

Do your Ladies speak English?
Some do, most do not. But don't despair, most Ladies have a Friend or a Family Member who will help them to translate your Mail to them. Once you believe you found the right Lady, you might want to consider taking some Spanish Lessons, and in return you may want to offer your Lady an English Course, easily available anywhere in this Country and not expensive at all

I will be spending a week in Sosua, I want the girls to visit me there
I can tell you right now the chances even one of them will go to Sosua to meet you are very low. First because of the reputation Sosua has and second it would mean that they have to take a day off work or skipping school. Keep in mind while you’re here on vacation, they are not and have to continue with their Lives and can’t just stop that because you like to meet them in Sosua.

I have met my future Wife now I like her to be removed from your Site.
That is not a problem, but, only the Lady that came to me to have her Data displayed on my Website can remove herself from my Sites, nobody else. I receive many Mails, some Men threaten my Life if I do not remove a Lady,
regardless of what someone tells me he will do to me, only the Lady in Question can remove herself.

All Mails that threaten the welfare of my Family or my Business will be reported to the FBI and Interpol,
and in cases where I know where the Mail originates I will report that to the local Authorities as well.

As new Question arise I will place the Questions and Answers on this page.

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