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I would like to study English and go to the gym I want to meet a Man who is kind to me and is nice to other people. Most of all I love spending time with my family and friends and time with my beloved man would become my main interest!   I would like to have a kind and sincere Husband who cares for me and respects me. I like reading a lot in my free time, to gain knowledge and in time to teach my daughters. I spend as much time with my daughters as I can.   I like to meet new people, I love listening to music, watch TV at nights when I am tired and want to chill out. For me the most important is my family, I hope to be happy and have a nice family of my own
Complete Profile & Photos   Complete Profile & Photos   Complete Profile & Photos
I am a very cheerful and nice person. Your age doesn’t matter. Age is just numbers. I want a young mind of man. I need me a man capable of loving and caring, valuing the person who is at his side. I want passionate nights and much mutual commitment.   I am a nice and cheerful woman. I like to be with people, to talk and to dance. I want someone who is my friend first, someone who understands me. I am looking for a good Man. Who likes to share time with my Family and my Friends   I want to live a full life every day, receiving and giving. I love to learn new things. I show my affection with caresses and support. I love to feel happiness and freedom. I am an honest person and a little shy.
Complete Profile & Photos   Complete Profile & Photos   Complete Profile & Photos

View photos of some of the Caribbean’s best kept secrets.
What you will find on this website is a collection of Pictures we have taken of beautiful Latinas over a 18 year period.

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