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  Type of Memberships  
  Free Bronze Membership lets you see a 5 Picture preview of the Ladies profile and it adds your e mail address to our mailing list, from which you can unsubscribe at any time.

Silver Membership lets you view all the Pictures and the Videos off all the Ladies.

Gold Membership lets you view all the pictures and videos and the Contact information,
including phone Numbers and or E mail address, Facebook Whatsapp etc of all the Ladies.

VIP Membership lets you view all the pictures and videos and the Contact information,
including phone Numbers and or E mail address of all the Ladies.
Included are five (5) 15 minute 3 way calls and five (5) express mail letters ($224.70 Value)
Plus a $100.00 saving on a 5 day Romance Tour

  Meet the Ladies in Person.  
  You do not have to be a Member on our website to meet our Ladies in person during a 5 Day Romance Tour or One on One introductions. Decide which service is best for you, sign up by making a deposit and then send us a List of the Ladies you like to meet. If you have questions about our service feel free to send me an E mail or call  me during normal business hours.  
  One on One introduction. Lets you meet up to 3 ladies in one day with a translator at your side.
  5 Day Romance Tour lets you meet as many Ladies as possible during 5 days of introductions with a translator at your side.  
  Buy Contact Information.  
  You can easily buy any ladies Contact information and then contact her yourself.
If you are a Silver member you save $5.00 on each contact you buy.
  3 Way Calls.  
  If you do not speak Spanish we offer a 3 way call service whereby we call the Lady and you and translate the conversation. If you are a silver or above member you save $5.00 per call.
If you are a VIP member the first 5 calls are free
  Call Back.  
   A unique service where I am not aware that any other dating site offers such a service, send me your phone number and I will call you at no expense to you. No matter where in the world you live  
  Flower / Gift Delivery.  
  If you want to send flowers or any other gift we have available after you made the payment send me a picture of yourself along with a letter to the lady and when we make the delivery we take pictures and a short video with her answer to your gift. You can save up to 25 % having a silver or above Membership  
  Express mail  
  The Express Mail service lets you send a letter to any Lady on our website, regardless if she has e mail or not.
We translate your letter into Spanish, contact her and reply to you her answer in English.
If you are a silver or above member you save $5.00 per Letter.
  Lady's Galleries versus International Galleries  
  The Ladies Galleries consist of Ladies where we have taken all the pictures and videos ourselves.
After they filled out an application and showed us proof of age and address.
  The International galleries consist of ladies who have uploaded their own pictures and Contact information,
as such we cannot guarantee the the information on their profile page is correct
  Owners Comment about Profiles on our website and others.
Since we take all the pictures and have done so since 1999 you can be assured that the Ladies are real,
the Pictures are real and so are the Videos.
The majority of other dating websites cannot make such a claim as they have never met the person who uploaded the pictures and filled out the online form. They never confirm that the person uploading the profile is in fact the right person. You will find millions of fraudulent profiles on sites like match eharmony yahoo personal and many many others
  The majority of our Lady members are also on Facebook, by entering her name into Facebook search you will be able in most cases to communicate with them using Facebook chat  
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