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  6 Topics You Should Never Talk About on a First Date
Written by: Diego / Latin Affairs
Dating is tough…that’s no shocker.  Trying to find the right thing to say can leave you feeling stressed and frustrated. But that doesn’t mean you should just talk about anything and everything. If you really like a person and you decide you want to get to know them better, here are six things to NEVER talk about on your first date.  That is unless you’re okay with never seeing that person again and being referred to by her as a miserable conversationalist who is completely un-datable.
#1:  Nothing but yourself.  Others love it when you’re curious about them and show an interest in giving them attention.  So don’t make it all about you.  Show that you are genuinely interested in your date and ask lots of questions.  Be sure to actively listen and engage in the conversation, giving your respectful opinions and meaningful feedback.  Don’t worry, there are plenty of topics to discuss…well, anything except what’s included in the next five steps.

#2:  Anything negative.  If you don’t want to completely kill the mood and put a depressing spin on what should be a light-hearted and happy first date, be aware that no one wants to hear your tragic tales and sob stories.  On a first date, people are looking for signs that show you’re a secure, stable and happy person, not an emotional train wreck who is one nervous breakdown away from a trip to the loony bin.  Remember, positivity attracts positivity.

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#3:  Marriage.  It doesn’t matter if you’re ready to parade down the aisle tomorrow and have every detail of your wedding reception planned right down to the place settings; if you ever want your dream wedding to actually take place do not bring it up on your first date.  Feelings need to grow and you must wait until you are in a serious, committed relationship that is heading in the direction of a chapel before you even mention the words  The point of a first date is to go out and have fun with someone to see if they’re cool enough to hang out with again…then see where it goes.

#4:  The ex.  We all have them.  If you talk about your past relationships on a first date with someone new and exciting, it will only signal to them that you still have feelings invested in the past and aren’t ready to move forward.  If that’s the case, you shouldn’t be on the date—take some time to heal before you put yourself out there again.  No one wants to feel irrelevant, which is what will happen if you make this mistake, so show your date that you are focused on him and not on others who came before him.

#5:  Sex.  Sure it might be on your mind but if you bring up sex you are doing nothing but initiating your own demise.  When you talk about your sexual prowess or past conquests, in most cases it will be a huge turn off for your date and you shouldn’t expect to get lucky at the end of the night.  Should the two of you hit it off and decide to explore the idea of a serious relationship down the road, there will be plenty of time and better opportunities to cover the subject.

#6: Money.  Whatever your situation is, whether you’re rolling in the dough or if the date you’re on is going to overdraw your bank account, do not bring up money.  Sure there are some money hungry people out there, but for the most part, the ones interested in you for the right reasons will be unimpressed when you brag about how much your bonus was this month. If they really are interested in you as a match, then they will care less about your bank account and more about your winning personality!


Dating Articles  Dating Advice  First Date



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